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5 Causes Your Dishwasher Is Leaking


Dishwasher Leakage

Your Dishwasher is leaking! What are the causes?

Most, if not all, homeowners would probably thank the invention of a dishwasher. Not only they can save many gallons of water in washing dishes, but having a dishwasher in the kitchen can also save them a life of drudgery. However, this trusty machine, if taken for granted, can create several problems like leaking which results in major water damage to your floor and surrounding areas. You might wonder why a dishwasher is leaking. In fact, reports say that this is one of the most common reasons why homeowners call for professional help, including restoration services

In this article, we outlined the most common causes of why your dishwasher is leaking as well as some tips on how to solve the problem. 

Common Causes Your Dishwasher is Leaking

Your safety should come first. So, before you get started, shut off the power supply that connects to your dishwasher as well as the water valve under your sink. 

1.Damaged or Worn-out Gasket

If you notice a leak coming out directly from the dishwasher door, the issue could be the door gasket or seals. This rubber-material keeps water inside your dishwasher. When the gasket ages, it becomes brittle and your dishwasher cannot close properly or it is no longer tight. 

If you see a ripped or damaged gasket, replace it immediately with a new one. Peel out the old gasket and clean the channel with soap and water. When done, dry the area with a hairdryer, use the low heat option. Then, place the gasket to the channel, press it evenly, and close the dishwasher door to ensure that the seal is tightly placed. 

2. Clogged or Broken Spray Arm

Located at the bottom of your dishwasher is the spray arm that spins to wash and clean your dishes. However, overloading the dishwasher with dishes and utensils can cause blockage to the arm which can result in dislodged or damaged dishwasher arm. When damaged, it can cause water to leak at the bottom of the door. 

If the spray arm is cracked or broken, it has to be replaced. You may check the user manual to see how to remove and replace a spray arm. Or, you may also contact your local repair company to help you install a new dishwasher spray arm. 

3. Malfunctioned Float Switch

The float and the float switch in your dishwasher help prevent your machine from overspilling water. The float, located inside your dishwasher, lifts as the water level rises. When it reaches the proper level of water, it triggers the switch to turn off the water inlet valve. A malfunctioned switch could cause the water to get too high and create a leak. 

In a normal case, the proper water level should not go above the heating element. If not, you may need to replace the switch with a new one. This task is a bit complicated to do. When in doubt, call a professional to take care of the repairs.

4. Damaged Hoses and Clamps

Another cause of dishwasher leaks is the system that drains and moves water. These are hoses and clamps that are located at the base of the dishwasher, behind the kickplate panel. If these connections become loose, or the hose itself is damaged, it could cause your dishwasher to leak. 

Check the clamps on both two hoses (drain hose and circulating hose) to see if they are loose. If loose, tighten them with a screwdriver. If it doesn’t work, you may need to replace them. Furthermore, remove the two hoses and visually inspect them to see any signs of crack or damage. If you find any problems with your hoses, consider replacing them. 

5.  Leaking Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve allows water to flow from your main water line to your dishwasher. If this valve is defective or not closing properly, your dishwasher may overfill and water will most likely leak out. 

To check if the water inlet valve is leaking, remove the bottom plate of your appliance (this is where most valves are located) and inspect the valve. If there is a slow drip or corrosion on the inlet itself, then it requires replacement. 

Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

Knowing the common causes your dishwasher is leaking can give you ideas on what steps to take in the event it starts to leak. Remember to repair the damage immediately to prevent structural damage. But, in case your dishwasher has caused water damage to your home, don’t hesitate to call for professional help. 

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