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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage? – 5 Essential Things to Know


does homeowners insurance cover water damage

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage in Your House?

A type of protection given to homeowners against sudden and accidental water damage is water damage insurance. Water damage insurance covers any damages caused by any water accidents within the property except for the damages resulting from the homeowner’s negligence or failure to maintain the property in a good state. Furthermore, flooding usually requires a separate policy if applicable.

Water damage, on the other hand, is one of the most common reasons why people make claims on their home insurance. The causes of water damage that lead people to discover and explore the details about their home insurance policies are burst pipes, leaky appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, and hoses, and floods.

Water Damage Insurance: What Does it Cover?


As water damage insurance does not cover the homeowner’s negligence and failure to maintain the property in a good condition, many types of water damage to the real property can and must be avoided through proper maintenance. In line with this, let us see what covers your homeowners’ insurance.

1. The washing machine overflow caused flood indoors. Does the homeowners’ insurance policy cover it? Yes. If the flood was caused by a damaged or broken appliance, such as a washing machine, insurance covers its water damage. However, if the home insurance company viewed that the cause of the problem is that you fail to maintain the washer, or any appliance, properly, they might not consider it.

2. A sudden decrease in temperature caused the water pipes to freeze and burst. You might have encountered a scene where the temperature drops to ten (10) below zero which caused burst pipes and six (6) inches of water covered your flooring. Are you covered? Yes. Water damages caused by the bursting of pipes are covered by the homeowners’ insurance policy. However, on the off chance that you have left your property, specifically your house, unoccupied during winter without heat, insurance policies won’t cover the damages. If that’s the case, the claim for insurance could be denied because you have failed to perform the needed job to prevent such accidents.

3. Water leaks through the roof during a heavy rainstorm. On the off chance that during a rainstorm, water leaks and damages the roof, as well as the furniture placed within the area, you can somewhat claim your insurance. The water damages to your property are covered by the home insurance policy, however, the policy will likely not reimburse for your roof repairs for it is a house-maintenance issue. But the standard home insurance policy covers the damages to your furniture.

However, if the damage to your roof was caused by a neighbor’s tree falling on your room, the damage brought to the roof, home, and belongings is covered. The policy also covers the reimbursement of a certain amount for the cost of removing the tree on your property.

4. During a rainstorm, a nearby river or lake overflows its banks causing a flood in the property. In this case that a flash flood was caused by a natural disaster, specifically a heavy rainstorm causing the nearby body of water to overflow, the home insurance policy does not cover any flood damage. Any damage caused by a flood is and should be purchased through a flood insurance company. However, flood insurance can be purchased when the community you are in participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

5. Water seeps from the ground causing damage to the interior and foundation. The water seeps from the ground, damaging your foundation and interior causing the cracking of walls and sinking of your house is not covered. Maintenance problems, including seepage, roof damage, and not accidental or sudden damage are not covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy.

Generally, the only situation when the homeowner’s insurance company covers a home’s foundation damage is if it was damaged by other issues such as plumbing leakage or damage. For example, if a water leakage caused by a broken plumbing pipe of fixture caused cracking of your walls and sinking of your house, homeowner’s insurance covers the damages.

However, carrying additional insurance such as earthquake and flood coverage in your insurance policy could cover your house’s foundation if it is damaged under these circumstances. But the thing is relatively few homeowners separately purchase earthquake or flood-specific homeowners’ insurance.

A Water-Damaged Home or Property Needs Water Damage Insurance

While it is very important to keep up with your house maintenance to help prevent accidents and damages involving water, it is also a good idea to purchase a homeowner’s insurance and check with your agent what are and are not covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy you have purchased. Always remember and be sure to ask if there are any applicable additional insurance coverages available that may help and may be appropriate for your home or property.

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