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Gas Fire Pit: 8 Outdoor Safety Tips


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Outdoor Gas Fire Pit: Fancy Home Feature

Fire pits are one of the most sought-after design features in homes today. Not only because it can provide warmth on a chilly fall evening under the stars, but it can also create an intimate atmosphere for get-togethers or gatherings. It can also be a focal point for guests to gather around while sharing stories and celebrations. 

There are so many great fire pit ideas, but you would probably pick up a portable gas fire pit to add to your patio. Not only because it is easy to install and environmentally friendly, but it is also less costly. But before you begin to gather around this new fire accessory in your backyard, make sure to read these fire pit safety tips to keep you, your family, and friends, as well as your property safe, while having a good time around the fire.

Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Safety Tips

1. Read the Manuals

Thoroughly read the manual to know how to use your fire pit safely.

2. Use your Firepit in an Open Space

Fire pits are made for outdoor purposes. Thus, you should only use them in an open space with a lot of airflow. Furthermore, never place your fire pit under trees, low-hanging plants, or near anything combustible. 

3. Have a Fire Extinguisher 

Before you begin to enjoy a backyard fire, make sure to have a fire extinguisher, like that one in your kitchen, on hand in case of an emergency. 

Aside from having a fire extinguisher, it is also necessary that you know how to use it safely. Place it near the fire pit, so you can grab it easily. 

4. Clean and Inspect your Firepit Before Every Use

One of the advantages of an outdoor gas fire pit is that it doesn’t produce ash or embers, and it has fewer chances of causing fire damage to your property. But inspecting it before each use will surely help you prevent any fire events. 

Inspect the plumbing system and the burner to make sure that they are in good condition and not leaking or damaged. Furthermore, make sure that your fire pit is clean and free from any dirt and debris. You can clean it using a soft toothbrush or a damp cloth. 

5. Cover the Fire Pit When not in Use

Keep the pit covered when it is not in use to prevent falling leaves and other debris from accumulating inside as well as protecting it from inclement weather conditions such as rainstorms or frost that can cause the material to rust, freeze, and thaw, or wear and tear. But, before covering it, allow the fire pit to completely cool. 

6. Keep the 10’ Perimeter Distance

Your outdoor gas fire pit should be placed and installed 10 feet away from any structures and flammable surfaces in your backyard. Once your fire pit is ready for use, you should maintain this perimeter to prevent any fire accidents. Make sure that your fire pit and the surrounding areas are free from any combustible materials. Cut any low-hanging limbs or branches that surround the fire pit. Also, keep furniture, cleaning supplies, and other equipment 10 feet away from your fire accessory. 

7. Never Leave Your Gas Fire Pit Unattended

Another advantage of using a gas fire pit is that it is easy to start and more so to stop. You can just simply turn off the flame with a flick of a dial or even a blast. So, make sure to extinguish the fire and turn off the gas line when you are not using it or before leaving the yard.

Furthermore, never leave your children unattended around your gas fire pit, even if it is not in use. Keep small children at least 3 feet away from your fire pit. 

8. Check Weather Forecast 

Before using your outdoor gas fire pit, check the weather forecast in your area. Inclement weather and fire accessories can create a dangerous situation for you and your property. Make sure not to light your fire pit on windy or dry weather. 

outdoor gas fire pit

Professional Fire Damage Restoration

A fire pit is a great way to improve outdoor living spaces and make an entertaining area that is inviting and appealing. In case, you have a disaster when using your fire pit and it has caused fire damage to your property, contact a professional restoration company, Superior Restoration. Superior Restoration offers fire and smoke damage restoration services. Rest assured that we will restore your property to its original and safe condition. 

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