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What are the Causes of Wildfires? Understanding 3 Factors


Wildfires are destructive and dangerous natural disasters that occur when fires quickly spread through forests, grasslands, and other areas with dry vegetation and flammable materials. Wildfires can be caused by both natural and human factors, and understanding the leading causes of wildfires is essential for prevention, management, and control. What are the causes of wildfires?

Please read to learn some factors including weather conditions, human activities, and ignition sources.


CA News: Wildfire Blazes Across 15 Freeway

A blaze around the Cajon Pass in San Bernardino dubbed the “North Fire”, has joined the list of wildfires to ravage Southern California with fire damage this year. Over 4000 acres have burned and multiple properties have been lost to fire damage, but the firefighters reached 75% containment by the time this article was written.

San Bernardino resident Esther Eblen shares her ordeal with the Press Enterprise on Sunday:  “I had to drive through flames to get out,” said Eblen, 65. “I thought I was going to die.” She thought she knew how quickly fire moved across the landscape, dotted with Joshua Trees and sagebrush, after living on a remote dirt road for 21 years.

With the fire appearing a few miles away, she said she was watering trees outside her house just down the road from her brother Friday afternoon to keep the fire from spreading to the grass and reaching the house. She turned around to check the fire and found it blazing to the top of a ravine across the road near her house. She grabbed her two dogs and jumped in the car while the land around her burned. Flames and smoke pouring across the road disoriented her, briefly sending her off the roadway.

Her house wasn’t touched by the fire. The fire burned her brother’s house “to the ground” and damaged a collection of antique cars, trucks, railroad cars, and engines that sat on property just down El Centro Road, said Esther Eblen, who went there to close front gates following a neighbors’ report someone may have been there stealing.

Luckily, Paul Eblen and his wife were on vacation in Arizona at the time. “He lost everything — 30 years’ worth of stuff,” she said Sunday. His collection of cars and trucks includes a Model A Ford and narrow-gage railroad cars and engines. At least some were decimated. “This moved so fast. If they’d have been here, they wouldn’t have been able to get out,” she said.


What are the Causes of Wildfires?

  • Weather Conditions as a Leading Cause of Wildfires

One of the leading causes of wildfires is weather conditions, particularly hot, dry, and windy weather. These conditions can cause vegetation to dry out and become more flammable, which increases the risk of fire. In the United States, wildfires are most common in the western regions, where the weather is often hot and dry. Lightning strikes are also a natural cause of wildfires, and they can ignite dry vegetation and lead to large-scale wildfires.

  • Human Activities and Wildfires

Human activities are a significant cause of wildfires worldwide. In fact, many wildfires are human-caused, either intentionally or accidentally. Common human activities that can cause wildfires include smoking, campfires, fireworks, outdoor burning, and power lines. Discarded cigarettes and cigarette butts are particularly hazardous, as they can smolder for a long period of time and ignite dry vegetation. Debris burning is also a common cause of wildfires, particularly during the drier seasons.

  • Ignition Sources and Wildfires

Ignition sources are a significant factor in the spread of wildfires. Ignition sources can be natural, such as lightning strikes, or human-made, such as power lines, equipment malfunctions, and fireworks. In many cases, ignition sources are related to human activities, particularly when people are not careful with flammable materials and ignition sources in dry and windy conditions.


What are the Causes of Wildfires: Prevention and Control

To prevent and control wildfires, it is essential to understand the leading causes and take proactive measures to reduce the risks. One of the most effective ways to prevent wildfires is to use fire extinguishers and have a fire plan in place. This includes clearing dry vegetation and flammable materials, avoiding outdoor burning during windy and dry conditions, and being careful with ignition sources. Regular maintenance and inspections of power lines and equipment can also reduce the risk of human-caused wildfires.

In conclusion, wildfires can have devastating impacts on communities, wildlife, and natural resources. What are the causes of wildfires? Understanding the factors is critical to prevention, management, and control. By taking proactive measures to reduce the risks and be vigilant with flammable materials and ignition sources, we can work together to prevent and control wildfires.

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