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What Attracts Cockroaches: 3 Common Things


what attracts cockroaches

What attracts cockroaches – a phrase that comes to mind when you see them crawling in your house.

Imagine you were walking to your kitchen in the middle of the night to grab something to eat or drink. When you turn on the light, you see cockroaches under your feet and all over the floor – as shocked as you are, they panicky shatter as they try to hide from you.

What was supposed to be a good night for good food or drink ends up being a horrifying night. Now, you have become worried about these small creatures, because of the health and safety issues associated with a cockroach infestation.

What you will instantly do when you have problems with cockroaches in your home is to look for a solution. Then, you start browsing the internet and find out that there are literally plenty of cockroaches repelling products in the market and most of them provide information with different claims. Yet, you need to get the best information to achieve the best result of getting rid of them.

Well, these repelling products and services can actually kill off these insects upon contact. But, they are just a temporary solution, unless you really address the root cause of cockroach infestation, which is what attracts them to your home.

Don’t worry. We will give you an outline of what attracts these pests to your home. In this way, you will be able to know what to watch out to prevent them from infesting your home.

What Attracts Cockroaches

It only takes one single cockroach to find its way into your home- captivated by something you unknowingly offered. Soon enough, it will attract its mates, and reproduce and multiply at an alarming rate, which will turn them harder to eliminate. So what really draws their attention to your home?

1.  Food.

In particular, it is the strong smell that comes from your food. Food means the food you prepare on your table and the ones you tossed. Well, coach roaches don’t mind if the food is dirty or if you tossed it in your garbage. So, what should you do now?

  • First, you should always put your food away when you are finished with your meal. 

Don’t let your leftovers sit on the kitchen counter for a long time. If you desire to eat it later, cover the food or you may place it in the fridge to prevent it from going bad. Trust us, food that has gone bad can develop a strong smell that can attract roaches’ attention faster.

  • Second, take out your trash regularly.

Taking out your trash regularly is vital because once again, the smell of the food will surely attract roaches into your home. Moreover, always cover it with a lid.

  • Third, keep your kitchen clean.

If you see bits and food pieces on the floor, always pick them up and throw them in your trash can. Keep your kitchen counters clean and make sure to sweep the floors regularly to ensure that there are no remains of food that can unintentionally invite pests, including roaches.

2.  Water Attracts Cockroaches

Food is not the only thing that attracts roaches into your home. They also get attracted to places with water damage. Thus, you can expect them to gather in moist areas. They don’t actually need a lot of water. A few drops that come regularly are all they need to indulge their selves. So, that means leaky pipes anywhere in your home can give them a perfect water source.

The common areas to check for leaky pipes are under your bathroom and kitchen sinks. If you notice any leaks, fix them immediately. Additionally, check these areas regularly to make sure that there will be no source of water for these pests. In case you have pets at home, make sure to empty their water and food bowl every night.

3.  Cockroaches look for a shelter to hide. 

Cockroaches will find places to hide from you. But if your home is free from any clutter, these pests will not have any easy places to hide. That is mostly applied to your kitchen and storage cabinets. Make sure to keep your home clean and neat. Remember, they will stay close to where food sources are.

In Summary

What attracts cockroaches the most are shelter, food, and water. In most cases, they first get attracted to the smell of food. Then, they will look for a water source and a good place to settle. Soon after that, they will start to invite their mates and multiply to their extent, until your home becomes theirs. And if you don’t take any action immediately, you might end up facing a serious and damaging pest infestation.

Now that you know what attracts cockroaches to your home, you can do the necessary actions to prevent them from entering your home. Once you have stopped them from getting inside your home, what you have to do is to kill off the existing ones.

We hope that you find this article useful. But, in case your home has experienced water damage, even if it is just a simple water leak, you have to address the issue right away. Remember that roaches will find water sources and that a simple leak can be a perfect one. But aside from that, excess water can also result in mold growth and serious property damage. Superior Restoration of Corona is here to help you. We provide water and moisture removal services to prevent your home from damage and roach infestation.