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What To Know About Mold Growth In Winter


mold growth in winter

Many people think that mold develops and flourishes only in warm and humid conditions. However, infiltration of mold spores is a common issue that happens throughout the year. Sudden changes in temperature and winter activities can escalate the probability of mold growth. Both states of indoor and outdoor surroundings can cause mold growth in winter season.

How Does Mold Grow Indoors?

Many of us know that unwanted mold loves moisture, organic substances, and warm environments. In those areas of your home with high humidity, food sources, and a warm atmosphere, mold generates and thrives.

  • Moisture¬†

The usual places in your home where there’s much moisture are the basement, kitchen, and bathroom. Dampness from these areas moves around your house, causing condensation once it comes into contact with cold walls.

  • Organic Materials

Human or animal food and items made of wool or cotton and other organic substances in your home can energize mold to grow and succeed.

  • Your Home’s Warmth Condition

If the air in your house is warm, it will have the capacity to carry a lot of moisture. And remember, where there is moisture, there is mold.

What Causes Mold Growth in Winter Season?

We keep our lovely homes warm and cozy during the wintertime by increasing the heat level. With advanced technology and high-end construction methods, homes become firmly sealed, leading the warm air to remain indoors. Moisture development and the rise of indoor humidity begin once the air cannot escape from your home. Such a home condition lets mold grow rampantly.

Also, damp fallen leaves that are piled up can bring the mold to life. And removing them can disturb mold spores and spread in the air.

If you notice mold patches or colonies in your home, eliminate them immediately by performing a proper mold remediation task.

How to Keep Mold Growth in Winter

Mold can develop in a home. And you will not know at first that mold has started invading your property. It will affect your home’s structural quality if not adequately dealt with. So preventing mold issues from developing is crucial.

So, here are the steps that can prevent mold growth in winter:

  • In the wintertime, ensure the humidity level in the home remains at or below 40%.
  • Use mats or any washable floor coverings in areas with moisture issues as an alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting.
  • Once you find leaks in your windows or roof, repair them immediately.
  • Clean and vacuum your home consistently to get rid of sources of mold growth.
  • Refrain from storing clothes, books, or paper in places susceptible to moisture buildup like the basement. They can be a good food source for mold.
  • Open your windows or use exhaust fans when cooking or taking a hot shower to release excess moisture from your home.
  • Keep your gutter and downspouts free from clogs by doing a regular inspection and cleaning.
  • Keep the attic finely ventilated and adequately insulated.
  • In the winter season, your basement walls and floor can be too chilly, causing moisture buildup. That is why basements are susceptible to mold growth. Placing a dehumidifier can help manage the humidity level in your basement.
  • Once you notice water issues in your crawlspace or basement, make repairs immediately.
  • Never leave your footwear and other winter clothing damp. After using them, dry them off immediately to avoid moisture accumulation that gives mold the reason to grow and thrive.

What To Do If Mold Has Already Developed in Your Home

For mold growth in winter issues, you can clean the mold away using the recommended non-toxic cleaning solutions. Regular household cleaners and bleach are ineffective in eliminating mold, so avoid using them.

Wear protective equipment first before starting the mold-removal job. However, if the mold infestation covers more than 10 square feet, decide to seek services from a certified mold remediation company.

Contact Mold Remediation Specialists From Superior Restoration

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