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Learn 21 Effective Winter Fire Damage Safety Tips


winter fire

Learn winter fire damage safety tips below and be more vigilant as you heat your home this season. 

Southern areas might have mild winters, but this weather can still bring about changes in homes. Homeowners may need to heat up their homes using a heating system, a fireplace, or a wood-burning stove. And while this equipment can bring comfort to homeowners, heating a home comes with a certain risk. In the U.S., heating equipment is the second leading cause of home fires, injuries, and deaths, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Winter fires at home claim more than 905 casualties and over $2 billion in property damage


Check These Winter Fire Common Causes 

Here are the most common causes of winter fires.

  • Cooking
  • Candles
  • Christmas Lights
  • Dry Christmas Trees
  • Portable Generators
  • Heating equipment
  • Fireplaces/Woodstoves

Winter Fire Damage Safety Tips

While there are many causes of house fires in winter, they can all be prevented. Follow these safety tips to prevent winter fire damage.  

Safely Heat Your Home

  • Have your new equipment installed by a professional.
  • Has your heating equipment been serviced or inspected annually? This helps ensure that your system is in good working condition and identifies parts that need repair or replacement. 
  • Regularly clean and inspect your furnace or chimney.
  • If you are using a wood stove, make sure to always close the doors. Open the doors only if you want to add more wood or stoke the fire. 
  • Use a metal screen or glass in front of the fireplace to prevent embers or sparks from jumping out of the fireplace box. 

Use Space Heaters Carefully 

  • Space heaters are the most common heating equipment used in homes, but they are mostly involved in winter house fires. So, if you are using one, make sure that it has an automatic shut-off feature. When an accident happens, it automatically shuts off.
  • Give your space heaters space. Keep them at least 3 feet away from any combustible material like curtains, bedding, and furniture. 
  • Do not use an extension cord with your space heater.
  • Never use your heater to dry clothes or furnishings. 
  • Unplug your space heater when not in use or when the house is empty.

Be Careful With Holiday Decorations

  • When using a real tree as a Christmas tree, make sure to water it regularly to prevent it from getting dry and eventually causing a home fire. Also, keep your Christmas tree away from any heat sources like a fireplace, heat vents, and radiators.
  • Do not leave your holiday lights running for a long period of time and turn them off when you have to go to bed or leave your home.
  • Never connect more than three strands of lights together.
  • Never leave your burning candles unattended. Keep them away from anything flammable like blankets, curtains, and even wood floors. 

Other Safety Tips

  • Never use a gas range or a kitchen stove to heat up your home. Such improper use not only poses a safety hazard but can also be a cause of carbon monoxide build-up, which can cause severe illness and possible death. 
  • Keep portable generators outside, in well-ventilated areas doors, windows, and vents to prevent carbon monoxide build-up.
  • Regularly inspect electrical wiring and appliances. Replace worn or damaged electrical cords immediately.
  • Have the whole household practice your fire escape plan to ensure that everyone knows what to do in case of fire. 
  • Install smoke detectors on every floor of your home or in areas most prone to fire like the kitchen. 
  • Follow safe practices when cooking for holidays or get together. Always keep an eye on your stove when cooking. 
  • Never children unattended near any electrical equipment like space heaters and others.

Fire Damage Restoration By Superior Restoration

Always keep these things in mind so you can enjoy the wonderful weather of winter. But, if the unexpected happens and your home suffers from fire damage, know that Superior Restoration is here for you. We offer high-quality fire and smoke damage restoration services. Our technicians are skilled and experienced in handling fire damage both in residential and commercial properties. We are available 24/7 so rest assured that we will be on-site as soon as the damage occurs. Call our local office, Water Damage Corona, today.