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7 Ways To Prevent Electrical Fires At Home


electrical fires

Ways to Prevent Electrical Fires

Electricity is a crucial element that helps make our lives easier. we often take for granted its power to cause fire-related hazards. In fact, electrical fires are one of the leading causes of home fires every year. It can damage properties and even put your family’s life at risk of danger. But, the good news is you can prevent electrical fires at home. Here are some ways you can prevent electrical fires at home. 

How To Prevent Electrical Fires At Home

1. Update Your Electrical System

Older homes often use aluminum wiring, knob and tube wiring, and a 60-amp electrical system. But modern homes are composed of more appliances than before, thus, these systems cannot handle the current and may lead to overheating. Consider upgrading electrical wirings and an electrical system with at least 100 amps. 

Also, make sure to have your electrical system inspected by a professional. A professional electrician will check if your circuit breakers and fuses are in good working condition. They will also inspect loose fixtures and wires, and repair them if damaged.

2. Do not overload Outlets 

Overloaded outlets are the number one cause of electrical fires at home. When an outlet is handling more current than its capacity, it can become too hot which can cause the wires to melt and expose. This can lead to a short circuit and start a fire. 

Remember not to plug two or more appliances into one outlet. If needed, buy surge protectors or power bars and put them in your home’s electrical outlets. When using power bars, make sure to get internal the ones with internal overload protection. This feature helps prevent electrical fires when a power bar is overloaded.

3. Do Not Plug-In Devices With Cracked or Damaged Electrical Cords

Inspect electrical cords to see signs of damage. If they are frayed, cracked, or damaged, avoid plugging in devices and replace them immediately.

4. Do Not Use Extension Cords For Appliances

You should not use extension cords for major home appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, stoves, air conditioners, dryers, etc. Using extension cords for these appliances may lead to an electrical hazard. Extension cords are only for temporary use. If you need more outlets in your home, contact a professional electrician, so you won’t have to use extension cords.  

5. Place Electrical Cords away from the Carpet

Aside from needing to keep electrical cords out of sight, it is also best to keep them away from rugs, carpets, and furniture. If these cords become frayed or damaged, they may end up causing home fires. Also, never place them in a path with too much traffic to prevent tripping or being tampered with.

Furthermore, keep electrical cords away from water because this can cause the cord to spark and result in electrical fires. 

6. Follow The Manufacturer’s Instructions For Your Appliances

It is always a good idea to read manuals and follow instructions on new appliances at home. This will make you understand warning signs that can help avoid electrical fires at home. Never use the products in a method that is not recommended in the instruction manuals. 

7. Unplug heat-Generating Appliances When Not In Use

When heat-generating appliances malfunction or are on for a long period of time may overheat and lead to fire hazards. Make sure to unplug appliances such as electric kettles, hairdryers, toasters, and irons when not in use. This will not only help you save electricity but also lower your risk of dealing with an electrical fire. 

Signs Of Electrical Problems

Be on the lookout for any signs of faulty electrical wiring, overheating appliances, or damage to an electrical socket. If you notice any of these signs, contact an electrician immediately.

  • Discolored wall outlets, light switches, or light fixtures
  • Breakers that frequently trip or fuses that often blow
  • An electrical spark from an outlet every time you plug in an appliance
  • A tingling feeling when you plug in a device
  • Burning smell from an appliance
  • A light fixture that flickers or dims

Contact Fire Damage Restoration Professionals

In the event of an electrical fire, make sure to keep everyone safe first and contact a professional fire damage restoration company. Electrical fires at home can come with a lot of hidden safety hazards, so it is best to leave the restorations and cleanup jobs with the experts. 

In case your home suffers from fire damage, you can rely on Superior Restoration Company. We offer fire damage restoration services that include soot and smoke removal and content cleanup. We have a team of trained and skilled technicians that can take care of the entire job. Our technicians utilize only the best and most efficient tools and methods for restoring fire-damaged homes. Rest assured that your home will be back in its safe and original condition. Contact our local office today for more information.