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Top 5 Mold Myths: What You Need to Know


mold myths

Mold is one of the most prevalent issues homeowners have to deal with. But despite its commonality, mold has a lot of misconceptions.   

Knowing the truth about mold will give you a better understanding of its impact, both on your health and property. In this article, we will discuss the most common myths and facts about mold. 

What are the Common Mold Myths?

Myth #1: Mold Should Not Be In Your Home

The truth is mold can be found both indoors and outdoors. It is a part of our daily lives. Outdoor, mold helps the environment by decomposing organic material. Indoor, spores, that are not visible to our naked eyes, float around the air and enter our homes and thrive in areas that have a higher level of humidity or moisture. 

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely eliminate mold in our homes. But, preventing it from flourishing firsthand can be your best option to avoid mold infestation. 

Myth #2: All Kinds Of Mold Are Dangerous

According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are thousands of mold species that exist in the world. But not all of them are dangerous. In fact, some mold species are used for medical purposes like Penicillium, which is used in making Penicillin antibiotics. 

Unfortunately, the types of mold people know are the harmful ones that can pose health risks and those that can cause damage to property.  People who are exposed to these kinds of mold species can suffer from allergies or respiratory illnesses. In addition, unattended mold problems can lead to structural damage.  

Myth #3: Small mold colonies should not be a concern

While a small spot of mold looks harmless, it can become a bigger problem, and not addressing it immediately can lead to more serious damage and a costly repair. In some cases, tiny mold colonies that are visible to your eyes could be a sign of a much more serious problem that hides behind the wallpaper or walls. 

So, when you see such an amount of mold, it is important to address it right away. You may hire a mold remediation expert to have your property inspected and find and fix the source of the problem.

Myth #4: You can clean up mold on your own

If you browse on the internet, you will find many websites that suggest using bleach and other home remedies to remediate mold in homes. While in some cases, DIY-ing can be effective, there are several problems with these recommendations.

For instance, bleach might be effective in removing mold on non-porous materials, but they are not applicable to porous materials. Bleach will only damage its surfaces and can worsen the problem, allowing mold to grow even faster. Another problem with using bleach to remove mold is you can put your health at risk. 

Cleaning up mold on your own must just cause mold to grow wider and bigger, thus it is always best to consider hiring professional mold remediation experts when facing mold problems.

Myth #5: Once the mold is gone, it will never return

Removing mold is important to prevent serious damage to your property and health concerns. But doing this alone does not guarantee that it will never return. Mold spores, as mentioned, are everywhere and it only takes moisture and food sources for them to take hold again. 

To prevent mold from growing again is to control moisture and humidity in your home. If there are any water issues in your home, like leaks, make sure to address them immediately. Fix moisture problems and control the humidity of your home by providing proper ventilation. 

Professionals Mold Remediation Services By Superior Restoration

There are still many misconceptions about mold. Debunking these myths can help you prevent mold growth in your home and keep you from spending a lot of money on repairs and mold removal services.

However, if you discover mold in your home, you have to act fast and allow mold remediation professionals to help you. Even a small scale of mold can cause health concerns, especially for those with respiratory illnesses. If left unattended, small spots of mold can eventually cause severe damage to your property.

Mold remediation companies, like Superior Restoration, have the latest and most effective method of eliminating mold. Our technicians are well-trained and skilled in dealing with minor to major mold removal jobs. They will work from finding and fixing the source of the problem to cleaning and drying your home, ensuring that your property is safe to live in. 

To know more about our mold remediation services, contact our local office today, Water Damage Corona